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Well i guess it will have to be found some other time, but for now I have better things to do than look for a screwdriver that apparently does not want to be found.
"hey sid, what are you doing." said Sam
"Nothing just wasting the last fews days away in this garage,"I replied.
" Well if you don't mind I was wondering if you wanted to go to a party at Tom's house. I heard it was going to be really good, lots of people from school or going."
" Well than count me in, when does it start." I said trying to think of what clothes I should dress myself in.
She told me it would start at 8pm but that only left me with about an hour to get ready. Of course I would need alittle extra time to make sure I am as blended in with the crowd as I can be.
" I'll be back to pick you up later okay, and this time make sure you have everything ready," she yells back at me while heading to the car.
She just got her license and her mom brought her a brand new BMW.
It was an amazing car and I loved riding in it. The interior was made of smooth black leather and it rode as smooth as a snowboard on snow. It's almost as if i gliding on ice. Shoot, I have to get ready, Sam will be on her way in 40 min and I'm still in the garage wearing worn out boots and oily overalls. Its amazing how much time can pass when you're day dreaming about a car.
"Hey sid, did you find that screwdriver yet," rang Mark from in the house.
"No, not yet," I said walking through the door.
"Hey, can you tell dad I'm going to a party with Sam"
"Sure, whatever just as long as you make it back by curfew, you know how he is when your late,"
" ya, ya, just tell him okay," I replied while running up the stairs.
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