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Post Still in my Heart

Still in my Heart- by me/Juskiddin
We were so close,
we shared everything.
Everytime I saw you my heart jumped,
and this big smile came to my face.
I asked you if you really loved me,
you told me you loved me more then the world.
You walked me home at night,
to make sure I got there safe.
There was this amazing look in your eyes,
when you looked at me.
And when you hugged me,
I felt safe like you'd never let anything hurt me.
When you kissed my head,
I felt like a presious jewl.
When i laid my head on your sholder,
I felt like everything was perfect.
Now I'm walking down the street,
alone in the middle of the night.
When I walk in a room,
everyone gets quiet and looks at me.
I see our friends together,
having the time of their lives.
I see couples walking down the sidewalk,
and I feel alone.
I still don't want to except it,
I wanna pretend it didn't happen.
Sometimes when I wake up,
I forget it happend and go to call you.
Your mom gave me the ring,
she told me you were going to ask me to marry you.
I still wear it around,
I tell people I'm engagged.
I can't admit your gone,
it hurts to much inside.
When I heard you got in a car crash,
my heart shattered to pieces.
But your not gone to me,
Cause your still in my heart.
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