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Default One of the most fun pieces I ever wrote

Well, I'm on my school's student council and I'm in charge of advertising the Harvest of Love food drive. Of course, I could make posters, etc. However I decided to right a song to the music of Seasons of Love. Tell me what you think.

Harvest of Love
Lyrics by JEM
Music by Jonathon Larson

525,600 canned goods
525,000 rations so dear
525,600 canned goods
How do you measure, measure a food drive?

In green beans, In snow peas, in peanuts, In cups of noodles. In fruit punch in pasta or rice. In 525,600 canned goods. How do you measure that much food? How about pounds? How about pounds? How about pounds? Measure in pounds.

Harvest of Love (love)
Harvest of Love (love)

Soloist 1:
525,600 canned goods,
525,000 items that help
525,600 canned goods
How do can you help people in times of need?

Soloist 2:
In the tomato paste he gives, or at times that its soup. In the pies that he donates or the way that it fries.

Its time now to give out whatever you can. Let’s celebrate, remember a record in the name of man. Harvest of Love, Harvest of Love, Harvest of Love, Measure it in pounds pounds, Harvest of Love! Harvest of love!

Others are welcome to post their own creations that are songs because songs are similar to poems
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