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Question Words Without Meaning

Let me know what you guys think. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this in retro-spect.

Words Without Meaning
He told her he loved her. She believed him. It had to be true. He sent her love messages and held her hand in the hallway. He told her she was beautiful. It had to be true.
She told him she loved him too. He believed her. It had to be true. She let him kiss her and put his arm around her waist. She ran to him to give him hugs. It had to be true.
They both knew the truth.
I love you; these were just words. It couldn’t be true. His messages seemed childish and it was an effort to hold her hand. He liked her long hair, but she cut it off. It couldn’t be true.
They were just words. It couldn’t be true. Her kisses were quick and she stiffened in his grasp. She always looked the other way. It couldn’t be true.
How sad it is when confusion makes someone’s lie a truth and someone’s truth a lie.
It was true. He loved her. Her short hair was truly beautiful, and his messages sincere. He longed for her hand.
It was a lie. She couldn’t love him. Every kiss was fake, and every hug for show. She longed to escape his grasp.
I love you.
They were just words.
And it's just a dream to you, but it's real for me...
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