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It was more of an apology than sense of pride that put "sleep" into my intro. I shall rephrase this injustice, so as to remedy my amazingly singular atrocity..

"The reasoning for such horrid grammar stems from the time in my English classes, (In my school we only had one class per year, so I can not give any clarification as to whether it was a grammar or literature based class, seeing as how it was always titled English), sleeping. Now, lets not get into a misinterpretation of what classifies as sleep in school (or mine at least, we were not actually allowed the freedom of rest). This is to say, I began to ponder or dream (i abhor the phrase daydreaming, and maybe such misinterpretation on my part for the literal meaning of a word against my connotative meaning of the word, caused a small bump in the overall point I was trying to get across) if you will, about the activities I had read or envisioned that day. I admit that it was not always about the book of the moment, but maybe another I had read for fun (it should be noted here, that it was usually the same author of this second book. Mayhap, such an occasion that no second book could be found by the author would arise, and a book of similar time frame and story plot would have to do). So, if I did treat the workings of an author (which literal meaning states -[the writer of an article, story, or text] which is again, slightly different in nature than my connotative meaning. I believe that an author is [someone who writes to entertain or educate with his words].) unjustly by applying what I was able to grasp from his or her work to myself and my feelings I should apologize. Therefor, I apologize for any disrespect regarding my times, in English class, that I did not fully allow my attention to stay focused on the artist and his or hers work of the moment. But, if in my trial of an artist's words, I did merely what was intended then I offer singularly a statement.
To judge a person merely on one item of writing is, in my opinion, blasphemous. How can you get to know the true temperament of someone from one session if your a therapist? How can you tell if an actor really defines what it is to act, or if he suits only a singular role from one take? Well, the answer to my rhetorical question is, you can't. Not just that you can't, it should be said that you shouldn't even attempt to try and judge the person on one article. You can only judge that piece of writing, which in my case, was shown to be lacking in some finalities. Now, I hope the piece is properly stated and can now be classified as final."

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