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Originally Posted by Sapphire Sky
jello ....I found TeenLit after looking at manuy sites on google with¨@sapphire sky @ in their names ugh i am not used to the peruvian keyboard lol. um yeah I am the real Sapphire sky it is like my second name. it defines who i am really am . it fits me in so many ways like amber the 1rst girls i lever oved and how it relates to my catholic religion and my favorite colors of fire mostly being blue and white it reminds me of my dreamsand my memopries and the endless depths behind the sky every time i look up out side and so much more that you will be so surprised i even made a poem about myself and irealized that that was me. unfortunately my computer in my real home broke so i can´t do much until i come to my parents class anduse the computer or library. heck i need the bottom peice of a AMD Anthlon 64 7200 processor lol. anywaise bye gotta fly lol or not maybe i´ll take a look at some stuff in this site lol. there is alot about me iam a wiseand smart i read books yeah i have big dreams i know being good is beytter than being bad and i know about moral and i know about perfection and i play 3 instruments and i have so much to sayiam a gemini if you wonder right now yeah =p and i like making friends with good pewople people i know i could trust enough on stuff peopel who are good enough asalso in other words not so selfish cuz only selfish peopleare more bad . good people are more unselfish. they care more about others than themselves and therefore would if they could to makes others happier and those are kinds of people everyone would cuz bad people can´t like each other they need us so think about it i know things like love is a choice that is importatn alot of people seem dumb not knowing baout it and that friendship is should be valued more than love becuase friendship is a less you know whatkind of love but stronger especially if if the people who have this between them are goodpeople in the bible it says you have to be¨peopleof the lord¨yeah the bible made me smart too lol it´ds good to use the bible to teach peoplelitewrature it sure makes alot of miracles as far as i´ve seen. i got out of topic i guess ihave so much to mention peach out out .
This is big.
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