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Default Shades of Grey

Just as usual, all my friends were busy laughing and chatting inisde the local Baskin Robins, when I turned to face out the window, I saw a familiar face.

He took one look inside, and retreated to a bench outside. I told him to come, I completely forgot. Some of my friends squealed, "What is he doing here?"
I really knew the truth. I tried to pretend that I didn't know what was going on, just going back to the conversation that was inturrupted. Two of my friends had rushed out the door of Baskin Robin's to go greet the newest arrival.

My friend shouted at me,

"I have something for you! He told me to give it to you, but I have no idea what it is," She laughed, handing me a wrapped package. My heart sunk. Online, I had told our friend not to get me this stupid game he played. He said it would give me something to do, so I wouldn't be so bored, but I insisted he shouldn't waste his money on me. Later, he told me that he went out to the store because of his older sister, and it was her money he bought it with! I yelled at him for that, but he didn't care.

I was lugging around this big game called Diablo. What was I even doing with this? I was being sarcastic over im, I never really wanted to play this game. He wouldn't even explain to me what it was about. I had to go out of the store and thank him, so I left with my true best friend by my side. I needed her for support. I had asked out this boy, and he had turned me down, and now he seemed to want another chance. Boom, here it is, all splayed out in front of me. My heart.

I didn't know what to think, it seemed like he was flirting with me. All the shades of grey in my life had finally evened out into hues of light blue... but with the weight of knowing that he liked me, when my feelings weren't the same anymore, just led to my brain working in overload. How should I feel? I mean, I like someone else. My heart is out on my sleeve, and no one can fix that.
"pretty soon she'll figure out she can't get him out of her head"
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