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I found your story nice.

Oh, rats. It's my newest celebrity friend, calling to invite me to the Grammy awards. What to wear, what to wear?
You know, in the time to process that much writing, and hit the reply button, be sure it was posted, I'm sure that friend would've surely hung up by then. That's the only thing that bothers me.

So long all my little adoring fans, till next time! Kiss, kiss, you'll just love my new movie!
How often does this woman blog anyway? I mean, if she did this once every few months, I could understand that, but if she did it once a week, I wouldn't say that unless a movie did just come out.

At that point, a movie star would talk about the filming of the movie, how it was to work with the other actors. So on and do forth. You know that a regular actor can write and blog as much as a regular person could. Otherwise, the only other problem with the story is that she is two-faced. She takes on two different personailities--the "I can relate to you. I'm 26 and need a face-lift" and the other condscending "love-ya" type of face.

still. also a little short, i would write a bit more of this blog entry.

you’re going to use
the transitive relation
and see why.

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