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Just thought of this. What if Dumbledore created a Horcrux? I know, I know a Horcurx is evil. To make a Horcrux, one must kill another human. Then the soul splits. The Horcrux is the container that the wizard chooses to put his soul into. You're thinking "But Dumbledore is good! He would never kill anyone!" But you forget. In the first book Harry gets his first choclate frog card. It reads, "Albus Dumbledore. Famous for his founding of the 12 uses of dragons blood, defeating the dark wizard Grindlewald in 1945, and his work in alchemy with partner Nicholas Flamel." See, he defeated someone. What if he killed him to extinguish the threat?! Not for evil purposes, of course. But then Dumbledore would be eleigible for a Horcrux. Which he could put into Fawkes, as phoneix's never die, but are reborn form their ashes. But this is based on the assumption that DD killed Grindlewald. But what else could DD do with him? There is no mention of him at Azkaban!
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