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Arrow BioHaz: A Beginning

This is the first paragraph of a short story called BioHaz. It's the first in a series of several dystopian stories, but after reading a few of the stories on here, i decided to just post the first paragraph here and attach the rest for you if you want to read it. Actually, after seeing the file size, just email me at: if you want the rest.

Thump. The water rippled.
Thump. The vibration sent oscillations through the small pool of life-sustaining liquid.
"Probably eight-foot MWP, anti-tank emplacement."
Thump. The orange-suited man rose, standing form his kneeling position.
"Five miles away." He addressed his comrades, suited in armor. This armor contained everything necessary for life: food, sleeping bag, weapons, grenades, and saws. Thick visors covered their faces, and their body was similarly encased with plastic-lead compounds. Each of them bore a strange symbol on his arm: a yellow circle with a black circle in the middle. On all sides of the circle were three black triangles. In the men's hands were strange weapons. They were based around a green tank, out of which came a nozzle, trigger, handle, and stock, all black steel. On the soldiers’, for that is what they were, backs, were similarly shaped green tanks. These, however, covered nearly their entire backs. The orange-suited man studied the landscape. For miles, ruined buildings covered the earth, sitting next to vast piles of ash and rubble. Occasionally, a rat would dart from the safety of one building into the next. Only the constant vibrations reminded the man that life existed on this barren planet, the one called Gaia.
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