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Default Dedicated to swissmochafudge

Hating you has never been so easy,
And loving the torment of your words makes hell delicious,
I'm voluptuous,
Like my body,
Heavy set with soft curves,
And a hidden kind of beauty,
That you,
Can not see,
Like my words,
Origionally the opposite of what you expect to see,
See i'm spewing here,
All these words i'm fishing out my brain,
Water clogged with irritation...
I'm suprised,
Water isn't gushing from my ears,
I'm contagious,
Don't be so resilient,
Notice how natural i am?
Because if not i'dd say you were pretty corrupted,
My words are evocative,
No pretending,
Un like you,
Fake as your words,
And empty as a barbie's head,
Pretty an blonde,
With cheap commercials,
Its your game,
Its you,
What are you afraid of?
No need for cheap immatations,
Are you afraid to be wrong once in a while?
Come on,
I challenge you...
I'm new here,
And i'm a revolution,
Try and stop me.
I'm like an atom,
So small you can not see me,
Try and split me,
And i'm not so little anymore...
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