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Default 'Mind forged manicles'-William Blake

I'm counting my blessings,
Twenty pence...fifty pence...minus 72...
Minus two i'm on now,
And i'm counting,
I'm not grieving,
Or sighing,
Or craving,
For some choice words of comfort,
But I'd quite like a hug if that's possible,
Maybe arms can't stretch fifteen-thousand miles for me,
But words can stroke my heart,
And kindle a solitary need for closeness,
Icky comfort...,
Just a hug,
Just words feel safe,
The jail bars fixed out side the class room window,
Are virtual,
And i can make them dissapear,
And i would,
But when i delve into my fantasies,
And the lies woven into the truth,
Like a slip of poison in a drink,
Not Harmful,
Un detectable to most,
Except for me,
I lie awake at night.
Kicking the wall and writhing,
I want that hug...
I want that hug,
And i want to be the Goblin Queen,
Like i was when i was six,
I want to kiss the statue of my fallen king,
And ride my warriors to war against the human race,
I want to be the Goblin Queen,
I want to see again,
I want to feel and i want to be,
It seems so hard now,
Weaving fantasies to life,
I'll sit here in my fantast,
Fucking adiment,
And in controll,
I'm not moving,
And i'm not budging,
I'm the Goblin Queen,
And i'm riding out my warriors to fight the human race,
These are my mind forged manicles.....

Any ideas? Comments? Anyway...thanx
I'm like an atom,
So small you can not see me,
Try and split me,
And i'm not so little anymore...

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