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Default Size 12 is Not Fat by: Meg Cabot

Heather Wells, former teen pop sensation, now works as an assistant dorm manager after a long drama involving her record label dropping her, her boyfriend dropping her, and her mother running away with all of Heather's bank account. Heather herself has also gained a few pounds, making her a size 12--the average for the American woman.

Now at Heather's dorm, there has been a death, or a murder as Heather suspects. When the police don't beleive her, Heather decides to do some investigation on her own. But someone definitely doesn't want her poking her nose around and Heather gets into some serious trouble. Will Heather live long enough to find out the truth?

This novel is like Meg Cabot's other novels--a bit rambly and frequently straying off topic, but a fun read. If you like Cabot's other works, you'll sure like this one!
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