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The light dims and fades behind a solitary cloud,
And i wonder why i wore feet are freezing,
I look around at the empty class room,
Out the window,
I try to,
Because i can see rails out side the window...
And it fees like a prison,
Rails baring the only exit,
I figure that's the whole idea,
Wipe us clean like we're pride on a mantle piece,
Un moved un touched by warmth,
Strip us of what makes us us,
Military perfection,
A million roads,
And only one we can take,
All pollished fantastic,
We should be greatful,
Greatful for the bordem,
And imperfections you percieve,
Should beg on hands and knees,
And be for ever greatful,
and pay homage to the wars,
And the imaginary flaws,
Of our hearts,
But i'm just not made for this...
Maybe the road i'm heading down,
Is dark and dangerous,
Maybe there's a certain death,
Beaneatrh the canopy of trees,
But it's my road,
And i'm built to travel down it,
I'm like an atom,
So small you can not see me,
Try and split me,
And i'm not so little anymore...
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