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Default Lots from yesterday!!!

I found sooooo so many yesterday afternoon on my electronic dictionary. You can set it so when you turn it on, the first window that pops up is a "Word of the Day" and you can change it from Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert.... knowing me, I want expert, right? So you can press okay and just get going on looking up what you wanted to in the first place, or you can select "next word" and keep looking up huge, hard, unknown words... it is so much fun!!!

frigorific - adj.
frigorifical - adj.
rubilant - adj.
susurrous - adj.
tantara - n.
vitiate - v.
redolent - adj.
muppie - n.
satori - n. Buddhism
callipygian/callipygous - adj.
spiv - British n.
arhat/arhatship - n. Buddhism
ineffable - adj.
dinkum - Australian adj. or adv.
didactic/didactical - adj.
pulchritude - n.
necessitarianism - n.
nullipara - n.
nulliparous - adj.
ignis fatuus
friar's lantern > n.
ludic - adj.
anima - n. fem.
animus - n. masc.
rumbustious - adj.
vitriol - n.
vitriolic - adj.
horripilation - n.
horripilate - v.
lallation - n.
whilom - adj.
furtive - adj.
multifarious - adj.
desideratum - n.
gewgaw (giuegaue) - n.
jejune - adj.
perfidy - n.
foudroyant - adj.
tallit/tallith - n.
fossick - Australian v.
invidious - adj.
eloign - v.
deltiology - n. <----- this is funny.

I know that's a lot, but just think... I must have carpal tunnel by now because I first wrote these by hand into a notebook, then put them on here by typing! Feel sorry for me!!!! LOL
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