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I'm new on these forums I'm happy to have found these fourms because I love writing. Please be easy on me. I don't take critizam very well. I'm very sensitive but I want to imporve on my writing. I don't believe in using big words because when I think of my audience I think of teens and kids, I don't want people to have to look up big words in the dictionary. So here I go...

Fish Connection

When I look into a fish’s eyes,
I feel some sort of connection,
As though we’ve met before,
Maybe even before I was born.

When I look into a fish’s eyes,
I feel as though I can see its heart.
Some how,
I feel as though,
I can share all my secrets with the fish,
Because it has feelings just like me.

I know all the fish’s feelings,
All they want to do is hide away,
But if you are friendly with the fish,
They will stay.

I’m like a fish,
I want to hide when people are around,
The fish and me have a special connection,
We connect not with voice,
But with expression.
We can sea through to each other’s hearts.

I hope you like it...
"I only tell my secrets to those with golden hearts!"-me, I hope no one has already said that.
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