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Originally Posted by Isis
^Lol man, I love that movie.

Hey, big shocker, I'm 15! I've been writing and roleplaying all school year and I've improved lots...and I hope to improve more over the summer. I help mod another writing forum and am probably the biggest post hog there...and since I dun have much to do y'all might be getting an influx of short stories and a few poems that make no sense.

see you guys around! ^-^

Yeah...that is kinda a big shocker because you act older than you are, calling us all kiddies' and stuff...i dont know wheter your cocky...or 'mature' but either way...alls well that ends well....i never understood that saying...hmmmmm if anyone has ANY idea what it may be, please message me!


ps. Im sorry if i sound...mean...but im This chick frenched my (EX) boyfriend in front of me ...and in qym, we got in this total b**** fight....except w/ fists. It was my first fight ...and i won! Go me....whoohoo! And GOOD BYE Chris!
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