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He looked at his captive and asked once more "do you or don't you have, or know where it is?!"
"Where what is?" his captive asked taking note of the desperate sound in his voice.
"Oh no! Don’t play stupid now!" the great solve had moved but a few inches from the captives face. "WHERE IS IT? WHERE ON THIS GODFORESAKEN PLACE HAVE YOU HID IT?"
Looking as smug as she could with her eyes covered, the captive answered "no need to bring god into this." She could basically hear the anger in him.
"Take her from my sight! This instant!" He bellowed.
"...But where, sir?" squeaked the guard who had so unfortunately chose to appear at that moment.
"To the pit, you buffoon!" he turned looking at his captive, with rage beyond compare "Yes, to the pit you shall go, for no prisoner of mine has ever defied me in such a manner as you."
The captive laughed insanely " To the pit for now, but you shall soon join me."
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