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Default Chapter 3 Part Two

“Apprentice Shar’tugar Simidane, how many times must you be told to mind me.” The Dragonrider said in a weary tone.

“Master Allan, my master says I mustn’t mind anyone but him.”

Allan sighed and shook his head. He waved his hand , dismissing Shar’tugar.

Domitan watched Shar’tugar. How could that boy show such disrespect?

When the courtyard was empty; a white flash exploded through his brain! Domitan only managed not to fall out of the tree.

Domitan looked at the egg. A hairline scratch had appeared on its marble smooth surface.

Domitan dropped gently to the ground. Where’s Grife? Domitan asked himself. He let that tendril of thought wander for a few moments.

Domitan didn’t know but he decided to check the library.

The library’s doors were engraved. Grife wasn’t in the library, but for that fact nobody was. So, Domitan sat down at one of the deeply scarred tables. Domitan put the egg in front of him, on the table.

More cracks appeared on the marble smooth surface of the egg. Then the shell literally exploded! Domitan threw his arms over his face.

When Domitan lowered his arms, he saw a Dragon the color of deep water, licking off a membrane. It looked almost like a puppy except its hind legs were shorter and broader. Its front legs were slightly bowed, there was the beginning of a silver mane at the nape of its neck.

When it turned its burning silver eyes to Domitan, it impressed on him that it was male.

He scrutinized Domitan before walking across the table and down a leg, and headed into the shelves of books.

Domitan rose to follow him.

The baby Dragon continued to wander through the shelves until they encountered Grife and the librarian. The librarian was a small stout man, who was bald on top with white wisps encircling his head. His face was round and amiable, with round spectacles perched precariously on his nose. He wore a brown robe with a belt of silver leaves around his wide girth.

The Dragon mheeped at them, Grife and the librarian turned.

“Ahhhhhhhh . . .” said the librarian, “I suppose he was born here?”

“Yes, but how did you know that?” Domitan inquired. The librarian smiled showing his white teeth, “All Dragons empress on their riders to go to the library. They enjoy being born amid all this collected knowledge,”

The Dragon had climbed a bookcase then onto Domitan’s shoulder, and nuzzling his neck with his scaly head.

“Have you decided what to name him?” Grife asked, as he lightly touched the Dragon’s head.

Domitan thought for a moment, then he remembered in his book, there was a story about a Dragon named Meneldur.

A tendril of the Dragon’s mind touched his. This opened the mind link. Their brains immediately began exchanging information. Domitan didn’t receive any except that the Dragon like the name.

“Meneldur.” said Domitan slowly, savoring the sounds before they dropped from his lips.

“Meneldur, the Bold One.” said Grife as if he also was tasting the name.

“Do you know the story of Meneldur the golden Dragon?” the librarian asked eagerly.

“Dom, this is Belith, he’s in charge of all the books. And he seems to have memorized all of them too.” Grife said the last part with a smile.

“Yes, I know the story. My Meneldur seems to greatly enjoy his name.” Domitan said this while Meneldur mheeped and cooed in his ear.

Grife gave Domitan a vague smile. “Since Meneldur has hatched, I’ll go get Nealan.” Then he left the library.

Domitan berated himself. He had completely forgotten about Grife’s other apprentice.

Meneldur climbed onto Domitan’s head. Domitan winced when his claws dug into his skin.

Belith went back to putting books back on the shelves.
Domitan gently extracted Meneldur from his skull, he wasn’t yet ready to have his brain removed.

Meneldur snuggled in Domitan’s arms, as they went to the catwalk.

Meneldur climbed on to the top of the wall and walked back and forth looking quite proud.

Domitan inhaled a deep breath of mountain air. It was much like that at home, but it was lacking. It did not carry the salty, briny smell of the sea. He was surprised to notice that he missed it.

Domitan looked to the south just in time to see Cynthi’s purple bulk disappear from sight.
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