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Wow, that was quite the intro. Hello Missy.

My name's Chicken Warrior, and I'm a chicken...or am I??

I just turned 15 in April. I love reading/writing (big surprise here), and I also love film and video games. I spend much of my free time writing. I just started a novel/short story a couple days ago (not sure how long it will be yet), but spend most of my writing time writing video game reviews/previews/news and editorials. I write for,,, as well as my own gaming site which is still fairly new. I also have an article right now on If I'm not writing, I'm doing stop-mo animation or editing a documentary I've filmed about a local theater company. I also play classical guitar.

I probably could have ended with 'I'm a chicken', and I'm sorry to have bored you with details.

I look forward to sharing some of my work once I actually write something that I like, and also to reading all the great writing filling up this forum.

See you all around!

- Chicken Warrior
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