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Hidden Haunt
By Levi LaFonte

Society in which we partake
Is nothing more than a fake
on the surface its all nice
but underneath there’s no rice
to feed the kids who others buy
we all know it don’t deny
that there is a hidden haunt
and all can we think of is what we want
sure I like a million dollars
but id prefer to see millions holler
better yet to see them act
to help change the there’s a fact
that there’s meat
for the boy with no feet
blown of by a bomb
the same one that killed his mom
just because the his family went against the say
of one of the many corrupt governments today
who steal their peoples food away
and use it to buy guns for another day
to keep the people under oppression
a constant supply of depression
and all we can think of is what we want?
Maybe some shoes from a sweat shop
That a six year old child made
Just to be under paid
When the people become defiant
The governments soldiers will keep them quite
When your done reading this poem
You’ll decide against its tone
Then forget about the hidden haunt
And go back to thinking about what you want
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