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~*~ I’ve never done one of these before and I thought I would just give it a try… ~*~
There were many people traveling that day… but not as many were traveling towards the castle. So many people were looking at them strangely wondering if they were part of the gang problems that the city had been facing. But no one really wanted to ask; for fear that the situation could turn to be much worse.

“Seithenin?” Annubi asked warily. Ever since they left Macit’s building Seithenin hadn’t said anything to anyone except to himself. Annubi started to worry. Seithenin never kept so quiet unless he knew something fearful was coming.

“Seithenin!?!” Seithenin turned around quickly sending Annubi a sharp glance.

“What is so important that you must yell to me in the midst of a path causing people to stare at us weirdly?” asked Seithenin.

“You haven’t said anything since Macit’s. What did you see? What is going on?”

“It is nothing Annubi. Please don’t worry. But what I would like to know is why would those people who attacked you in the allyway attack you when Bay and I were so close to you?” Seithenin knew many ways to get Annubi side tracked.
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