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Originally Posted by Isis
As for the website - do you need people to contribute to it? I have coding skills that anybody could pick up, and I'm no web designer, but as far as content goes, I've got practice. I can go through the "cool teen links" page [some links are dead, some new sites have cropped up, some excellent sites should gain prominence] and do the same for web guides. I'd love to add to the Writer's Workshop page as well [I think it needs it]

That's if you need it - are there any website volunteers signed up yet? When I download the packet it comes as gibberish, even though I have upgrades/fonts/a pretty new acrobat on my computer. So I can't be an official volunteer, I could an intern ;P
I'm very interested in you helping out. You can contact me at matt(at) for an application. We really do need an application from you though to make it official.

I'll email one to the email address we have on file for you, but again, I'd really appreciate any assistance you could offer at this point.
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