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Default the rest of ch. 2

She had on a violet dress and shawl that matched the color of the lily’s in her long, brown, wavy hair that reached almost all the way to her waist. But the thing that most surprised Alex was that she had a small silver band encircling her head, with a teardrop pearl hanging down from it onto her forehead.
“Oh,” she sang in a almost distant, yet, beautiful voice. As she saw Alex standing there with his jaw dropped down as far as it could go. “Please don’t tell my father I’m hear,” she begged her voice changing now to a normal recognizably human tone. “I can pay you what I did my other guards. Just please don’t tell him!”
Alex finally managed to swallow and get a grip and said, “Uh, no of course not. I won’t tell him. Um, who’s your father again?”
The maiden looked surprised, “Your not from Vrealdrix are you.”
“Well then are you from the Kingdom of Penn? If you are you must leave quickly, don’t worry your secrets safe with me. I can tell that you are no threat.”
Alex felt taken aback by this comment but didn’t say anything further about it. “Who are you?”
“I am Princess Aleona of the Kingdom of Vrealdrix, Daughter of King Balthasar. Who are you, young traveler who dresses so strangely?”
Adam looked at himself and noticed that even to anyone in his own world he would look strange dressed in his short knickers and ugly powder blue shirt and green tie. He hated the uniforms at St. Bernadettes from the minute he saw them.
“I, uh…I’m Alex Green of the United States of America. My father is, uh, Frank Green, King of Slumberland.”
Aleona looked at him bemused. “The United States…” she said testing the name out. “Is that across the Great Waters of Minony?”
Just as Alex was about to answer he herd someone calling.
“Aleonaaaaaaa! Aleonaaaaa! Ale- oh!” Said a man dressed in what looked like old fashioned hunting clothes to Alex. “Ah, you’re here!”
At first Alex though the man was talking to Aleona but then when he looked back at the man he saw he was staring at him as he said this.
“You know him, Gwilym?” Aleona said walking towards him.
“I don’t know him of course, but I sent for him. Well, at least, I sent the transporter to his world to find the one. I guess this is him.”
Aleona looked down at Alex and frowned. “Are you sure? He doesn’t look like a warrior to me.
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