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Default anyone helps?

well, I am starting to write in English now, so I am not good, ok? lol! but I am just trying. To make it easier for u to understand why I make mistakes Iīll give u some reasons:
a) English is not my native language, in fact i can say I have been able to speak this language just for about 3 years or so, i mean, before that tiem i couldnt even keep a normal conversation!
b) I have read like...ehm... say 6 books in English or so... for sure not more than 10
c) I have been using poor English for too long, u know, the kind of language u use when u chat and stuff
there are some more reasons, but I dont wanna bore u before u read my "short story". Itīs a very short one (ok, this one is not one of my favourites, but the rest are more... personal, so let's start with a simple one )

There he was, in the middle of a big crowd. He did not know what all those people were waiting, but he stood there as if he was one of them. Of course, he wasn't. He was wandering down the street when a mass of people came his way. He thought it could be a good idea to follow people for the first time in his life, so he did. It was not a good idea. Unfortunately, it was not until it was too late that he got to that conclusion.
The crowd started to scream. They were insulting someone, perhaps a politician. Derek did not scream, nor he did any movement. He didn't like criticizing people: he had been bullied at school for years; he had had enough critics. People around him didn't think the same, though. They kept on screaming. Then, Derek realize he was in a demostration. 'Good,' he thought, 'people must fight for their rights.' Obviously, Derek did not know that those people were not fighting for their rights but against democracy. He never knew what was going on in the world. He had always thought that mass media bred ignorance, that was the reason why he didn't watch television, nor he read any newspaper. As a matter of a fact, it was as if he didn't live on the Earth at all.
All of a sudden someone said out loud: 'COPS!!!'. Everybody ran and the quite peaceful demostration was soon chaotic. 'Cops? Whatīs wrong with cops?' Derek was confused. 'Police officers won't do us any harm,' it was like Derek to think that way. He did not move. He just watched the mess around him. He also watched stones crossing the sky in the direccion of the police vans.
- What the hell are you doing here!? - a police officer was talking to him.
- Nothing, just hanging.- Alex did not understand the tone of voice the police officer was using on him.
- NOTHING!?How do you there to say nothing? Asshole! Donīt pretend you weren't throwing stones, damn it! You fucking anarchist are going to regret taking part in this illegal march!
- But I...- Derek couldnīt finish the sentence. The police officer beat him with his stick. The situation reminded Derek of his bully and the beatings he had got at school. He felt as he used to feel years ago: defenceless, missunderstood, lonely. The police officer was upset because of the problems the protestors had caused, and he paid his fury on the innocent Derek.
Next day, when Derek woke up,, he was laying on a hospital bed. What had happened? It didn't take too many seconds to remember: a police officer had beaten him and left him uncouncious on the street. Again, Derek was proven right: there was something wrong with society, there was something wrong with humankind.'It is our nature, he thought bitterly, 'it canīt be helped, we are evil.'
Derek left the hospital that day. He didī't report the police officer.He returned to his normal life and hoped there was a place where people lived in peace.

PS: just another comment... i usually mix up British and American ENglish... it would be cool if u also point out those things
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