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I wrote a little bit more and I need some input.

James was unable to shake the feeling of guilt from his mind as he walked down the long ill-lit hallway toward the employee lounge. After all, he though, he didn’t really need to try and make things different, did he? As he started to reprimand himself, he remembered the image he had seen in the mirror, realizing that Beth Ellen had picked out his clothes for work for 20 years. He decided that it was far time that he had a chance to at least have one day of wearing what he wanted, and if he wanted to try and change things a bit, Beth Ellen needed to just accept it.
“Hey James, why are you just standing in the hallway?” shouted the emerging figure of Jonas Flint, James’s supervisor.
“Oh, Mr. Flint, I’m sorry” apologized James, bowing his head a bit.
“How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me Mr. Flint? We’ve known each other for long enough time that we can at least use first names.”
“Yes Mr. Flint” James’ eyes looked toward Mr. Flint, but his head remained bowed.
“James, you just never change, do you? But anyway, you better sign in, or I’ll count you as being late for work.”
“Sorry Mr. Flint, sir.”
“Honestly, James.”
Mr. Flint walked away, his short form becoming smaller, and smaller, and smaller until he was out of sight, his footsteps still echoing in the hall. James sighed as he pushed open the employee lounge door. In a severe stretch, the lounge could actually be a lounge, but the broken TV, the lumpy and molded couch, the vending machine offering decade-old snacks and the room’s odd odor of burnt hair suggested anything but comfort. James punched his card, beginning his 10 hour shift of work.
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