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After having walked for about two hours, Seithenin saw a wolf whose fur was gray with golden tips, bounding toward them. Seithen knew it was Bay because of the golden fur and because the pendent on his bracelet began to pulse like a heart. The bracelet was a piece of twine that had a cream colored bead that had knots on both sides. The bead had two sides, one side had two dark brown circles with a dot in their centers, two lines inbetween the circles. The other side had a circle with a dot in the center, two lines on each side, and a line above and below. Bay had given it to him on his and Annubi's first trip. It was charmed to beat when someone was a friend and to turn biting cold when someone was an enemy.
When Bay was within three meters from them, he changed into a human. No matter how many times Seithenin saw Bay shift shapes he would always be amazed.
Bay had hair like pale sunlight and was wearing a shapeshifters customary clothes: supple, black leather clothing. Bay cocked his head to the side with a vacant expression.
"Macit will not be pleased." Bay stated.
"She is never happy." Annubi said, rolling his eyes.
"I thought you had left for home." Bay said, obviously not wanting to speak of a displeased Macit.
Seithenin opened his mouth to speak, but Annubi interupted, "'Thenin here, insisted that we stay, because he felt that something was wrong."
Bay looked inquireingly at Seithenin. Seithenin starred at the ground shuffling his feet. Bay knew about his gifts, but he didn't understand them, but neither did he.
The silence streatched for several minutes until Seithenin couldn't stand it any more. "I sensed it, I don't know how, but it was one of those things that can and will haunt you if you ignore it." Seithenin blurted out.
"You're probably right," Bay said slowly, "the last thing I heard from Macit was troubling.
"What's the news?" asked Annubi dully.
"It would be better if Macit, herself, told you." said Bay. The he slid back into his wolf shape.
It was early evening when they had set out for Pathis. They arrived early the next morning.
Despite the early hour many people were going about their buisness. Fishmongrers calling out their prices, and the smell of fresh baked bread wafted through the streets. Seithenin loved the marketplace. But Macit lived in the dark back alleyways in her herb shop. She brewed poisons and antidotes, so it always smelled foul in her alley.
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