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Default Myth Busters

The first myth I'm going to reveal as a fake is Global Warming.

We have all heard of it and have been told that the earth is heading toward another Ice Age because of all the Carbon Dioxide that factories create. NOT SO!!! Even if we shut down all the factories there would still be aot of carbon dioxide in the astrosphere because there are more people on this earth than there ever has been.
With out carbon dioxide there would be no greenhouse effect and if there wasn't any greenhouse effect the earths average temperture would be -100 degrees F. instead of +50 degrees F.
Some scientist set up a poll fp atmospheric scientists to answer. These are the results:

17% of atmospheric scientists say that Global Warming is a problem
30% of atmospheric scientists say that there isn't enough data to tell
50% of atmospheric scientists say that Global Warming isn't a problem

Now for a quote from Dr. Jay L. Wile (the guy who wrote my science book):

"If the data seems to indicate that no Global Warming has occured, and if the majority of scientists in the field say that Global Warming isn't a problem, then why does the media seem to say the exact opposite? I have no idea."

So Global Warming is NOT a problem and there isn't too MUCH carbon dioxide in the air.

That is the end of debunking this particular myth, but there are plenty more to be debunked.
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