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Originally Posted by Vennila X Vana
I'm not past my teens, I'm 15. Maybe I'm mature for my age to have thought the same as him? haha, well what is your story behind the poem if it does not coincide with ours? I am curious.

Actually, the guy had it right sadly. Of course, its an exgrattion of real life events, but I was actually once alone with the father, and I grinned at the irony of the whole thing.

Uhm, are there words we're not allowed to say on here? I figured we were all mature enough to handle a curse or the word sex every now and then.

sex. There, I did it.

]ISee, if you had been consistent with the adolescent voice and not turned all retrospective-philosphoical then it would've worked. But you used it once and never again, and frankly, I think it's better without it.

That brings up a good point. I may as well either lean one way or the other. I'll consider that.

haha oh, it better be good then to repay it tenfold, maybe in the form of ice-cream even.

So, where would I send this ice cream? I think it would be melted by the time it goes to your house.

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