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Paolini is not 15. He was 19 when he published Eragon, I'm pretty sure, but you could prove me wrong.

In my opinion Eragon was good. It did have some weak spots but others were so good that the made up for it.

When I got sick my boyfriend lent me his copy of Eldest but his mom was in the middle of reading it so I gave it back without finishing not to be rude. I got through a good 1/3 of the book though, and I hate it. It's not Eragon. It's so fast-paced that it's just ridiculous, things keep happening boom-boom-boom, the plot develops so fast that events [like deaths of important characters, hint hint] seem irrelevant. It should be an intense book but it's very poorly written in my opinion. Also it's becoming more political and less action but Eragon is going to Ellesmera, I can't wait to get my hands on another copy to finish.
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