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herrshuster 11-13-2006 11:08 PM

Unrequited Love
Well I wrote this piece today (yes it's a first draft) and I would share it with other friends....but I'm not going to for obvious reasons. Anyway, here's the piece. Some of you may sympathize.

He sat in the last row of class, head in arms, oblivious to the chaos around him. Students gathered for their class, jibing and laughing at whatever caught their fancy. But he had other things on his mind. Thoughts whirled around like planets of thought around the sun of reason. His ears did not hear, his eyes saw only blackness, he felt not the other students pushing around him to get to their seats. On instinct, he glanced up at the movement of the door opening. All he saw were blurs, blurs of students, blurs of people. He didn’t care who they were, they were just them to him. They signified nothing, they meant nothing. His life meant nothing. He was about to lay his head back down in his arms when…
She walked in, laughing with her friends. She held a backpack in one hand, the other closed the door. He stared with intensity at her. She brushed her perfect brown hair back, revealing her sparkling blue eyes, fountains of life and jubilance. For a moment she was obscured by the bodies of other students, but she stayed in his eye, savoring the sight. Then he could see her again. She wore a green t-shirt with a longer white shirt under it. Slipping a little toward her neck he could make out her bra strap, which supported her shapely breasts. Further down he gazed past her trim stomach to her designer jeans, shape-fitting her perfect shape. He glanced quickly back up to her face, proportioned angelically. His eyes glazed over simply comprehending her form. She glanced past him for a moment, not lingering longer than any other, yet he savored the glance. Not noticing the teacher enter, he kept staring. The bell rang for class to begin. The student next to him jabbed him sharply in the side.

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