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girlonfire 04-12-2006 04:08 PM


I can't get enough of it...tides, the gentle lullaby of foaming sea water, turbulant, waves crashing violently against the cliff side...it really is my lullaby. You see i've grown up here, on a small cove on a remote part of dorchester. Storms here are leathle, sea storms, most people are afraid of it, whirlpools, which would suck you down and there are no rails to stop you falling into the seas clutches. None. Intimadating? Far from that. I relish in it...a sad seduction of power, a metaphorical ego boost, theres,

"Abby?" I stopped writing. Yeah...there is Abby to, my sister.
"No, Ellie." It was Carl.
"Oh sorry, d'yuh know where she is?" He asked, eyes scanning the beach. He's always getting us mixed up, though we're not twins, from the behind we look identical but from the front, its clear who's prettier. Me.
"Nah, sorry. I think she's somewhere in town, searching for a birthday prezzie. Why? In need of a snog?" Well it's true, he's addicted to snogs as much as cocaine. Yeah, he smokes a bit of crack but he isn't a druggie, in that sense of the word. He's a good guy.
"Yeah...i need another hit." He grinned and looked at me. I can't help blushing. I don't fancy him...but i used to and that look used to make me swoon.
" Don't."
"What ya writing?"
"Don't be shy, come on, i've known you longer than your sister and she's my girl friend."
He grabbed it.
"Oi! Give that back you little sht!" He began reciting it and walking back wards, i chased after him. He tripped on a stone and i had him pinned.
"Ellie? What you doing?" I jumped up.
"Getting my note book back, tell your boy friend to keep his hands off my stuff!"
"Oh, what stuff? The book of your goodies?" Carl laughed and flung the book at him. Its annoying, i'm fourteen, Abby's seventeen, and they treat me like a baby.
Lucky for me Carl laughed alone.
"Careful Carl. I might take you seriously one day. We all know how flirtacious you can be."
"WHAT? She was on top of me!"
"Umm. What were you looking for?"
"Your lips."
And they began doing the thing that they do...i turned around.
It was getting dark.
"We'd better get inside. There's a storm coming."
They trailed off, and i began climbing the cliff side.

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