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crazy1 02-10-2006 12:55 AM

the way i feel
the way i feel

I hate myself I want to die
The problem is I donít know why
Something is missing in my life
But until I find it whereís the knife
Too open my flesh too free my soul
Or maybe Iíll just smoke another bol

Unwilling 02-10-2006 06:16 PM

dude, that's not the way to kill yourself. Forced Rhyming without any of my friends

; . , -- . As a poet, they become your friend. =)

Oblivion 02-11-2006 03:50 AM

i thought the poem was good, gloomy, but good, the rhyming didnt seem forced to me

Vennila X Vana 02-18-2006 01:52 PM

Spelling is cool! S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G! Yaaaay Spelling!

Also, as a poet you're supposed to invoke emotion take people to places they haven't been before, or show them that you can relate. I don't think anyone feels the way that poem says because it basically makes a joke out of that helpless restless feeling of "Life Over. Meaningless Existence" and we've all been there so to write a poem on that topic, you must feel it through your core.

This is a pretty sorry excuse for that. Try again next time :)

Skyfire 03-10-2006 12:23 PM

Yes at one time or another we have all felt this way, but I can really realate
to it. I think your poems,although short, are meaningful

"There is always light even in the darkest of nights"

- Skyfire

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