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MrM 12-04-2005 04:21 AM


TeenLit is different from most sites you visit. Whereas you often visit websites, blogs, or news sites expecting to read about other peoples' events and news, at TeenLit you are in charge of our site.

The publishing system is finally online, and Joseph is doing a great job with our community forums. Sometimes I'll visit the site right before I run out the door or during my planning period, and I'll notice that there haven't been any posts in a couple of days. We can't let that happen.

If we're going to create a great site we need to be active! Our online community is no different than any other community. Without active members we're nothing. Joseph and others can create lots of lots of great posts, but without your contributions, replies, and posts, we're nothing.

Today I visited a website that I've been contributing to for the past six years. I contributed to their community throughout high school, kept in touch through college, and now watch as my students use the resource. Six years from now, when you're in high school or college, I want TeenLit to be thriving, and you to be able to visit the site and say "I was part of that," I was one of the first.

I hope to see you active in the community, and I hope that if you have any comments or suggestions you'll post them to the Feedback forum.

See ya around!

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