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TeenLit's Publishing Guidelines

Writing published on TeenLit.com must meet the following criteria:

  • The content of the writing must be unique, specific and impressive;
  • The writing must be organized and present its content to meet a reader's needs;
  • The writing must have no or very few errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and paragraphing;
  • The writing must be free of inappropriate language and content, as determined by the TeenLit staff;
  • Class or group submissions are not accepted. Teachers are asked to encourage students to submit their best work individually;
  • Each author is allowed one posted piece of writing in each writing category per month (i.e.: poetry, fiction, nonfiction);
  • No more than one book review on the same book shall be posted per month.

Any questions about the publishing criteria for TeenLit.com can be sent to Editor@TeenLit.com.

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