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All authors retain full rights to their written work.  Submission to constitutes one time serial rights for to publish the written work on its web site and these rights may be revoked by the original author at any time.

Content Publishing, Editing, and Rejections

Submission to constitutes permission for the submitted work to be published on and accessible on the World Wide Web. accepts only individual submissions.  We do not accept bulk or whole class submissions.  Teachers encouraging their students to publish should choose only their best single individual work to be submitted with the cooperation of that author. publishes the work of others in the spirit of mutual cooperation.   As such, work is published only if both the user and agree.  Work may be rejected or removed based on the decision of either or both of the said parties.

Email, submissions, discussion boards, and other interactive content wil be monitored for editorial purposes.  The editors of reserve the right to edit, remove, or ban any content deemed inappropriate, harmful, or offensive.

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One purpose of is for teachers to investigate its use as researchers. 

Should material from be published in any way (e.g. dissertation, conference presentations, instructional materials, journal articles, etc.), full anonymity will be protected through the use of TeenLit handles as pseudonyms.

Email, submissions, discussion boards, and other interactive content may be monitored for research purposes.

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In its current state, is completely funded privately by two sponsoring teacher-researchers. may be funded in the future through various grants, and, should this be the case, such changes will be noted in these policies. does not currently endorse or accept monies from any companies, public or private, in the way of advertising  or any other fiscal support.

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Publishing Criteria

Writing published on must meet the following criteria:

The content of the writing must be unique, specific and impressive representing the author's best work;

The writing must be organized and present its content to meet a reader's needs;

The writing must have no or very few errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and paragraphing;

The writing must be free of inappropriate language and content, as determined by the staff;

Class or group submissions are not accepted.   Teachers are asked to select only the best piece of writing or to encourage students to submit their work individually;

Each author is allowed one posted piece of writing in each writing category (ie: poetry, fiction, nonfiction);

A second submission in any category will automatically replace the first;

No more than three book reviews on the same book shall be posted.

Any questions about the publishing criteria for can be sent to .