Rejuvenation = a combination of taking ownership and responding to their own criticism

When the site was criticized as being "dead" by outsiders, eWeb members took great offense:

1/10/00, eWeb Forum:  TeenLit:  Emma's Big Idea Subject:  aaaaaaaaah!! the huns!

Well, well. dead? I dunno. the forum was down, so i didnt' [sic] visit as much, but i think they are right. we don't get very much traffic. i wish we did, because there's some really good writing on this site. i'll see what i can do about getting us some links on un-American [sic] and friends' pages.

And then began a major initiative to give 1999 TeenLit Writing Awards, a project they began, administered and completed on their own.

1/10/00, Forum:  TeenLit

Subject:  Emma's Big Idea

I was sitting around and thinking (novel concept, eh?) when my mind kind of jumped up and grabbed me and yelled in my face. I'm not sure if it's a good idea or completely feasible, but here goes. I was thinking that, now that we've finished our first year, we could perhaps start our very own Hall of Fame. It could be a democratic thing where people vote for their favorite writers of the month or year or whatever, or the instructors could choose, or a combination of the two. I just read the bulletin board on the teenlit site and some girl was asking if the site was dying. This might really liven things up. I'd love your feedback, tell me what you think or if it's impossible. ~Emma

Rejuvenation = good indication of potential of being a real and effective community working together to sustain and improve a context that had become their own.

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