Orientation = Introductions and resolving Technical Difficulties.

It began with these instructions:

Subject:  Welcome to TeenLit's eWeb

Welcome to TeenLit's eWeb!

Please print and save this email.

To log in to eWeb, go to: http://zhao.educ.msu.edu/eweb.fcgi

Your username is _____

A password is automatically assigned as eweb.  Feel free to change your password after you access eWeb.

You have also been given an email alias of _____@Teenlit.com.  Please use this email only for TeenLit business as the web server will also receive any email sent to this address.

Please try to login to eWeb at least weekly and participate.  For your first visit, consider posting an Introduction (who you are, about your writing, what you hope to get from eWeb, etc.) sometime in the next week.

Just a quick reminder of our eWeb capabilities:

Bulletin Board - allows group members to post and read information about group related matters.

Assignments - Work on group assignments.

Forum - allows group members to carry on continuous and in-depth discussions of their chosen topics.

Chat - allows to conduct live on-line discussions with other users.

Mail to Group - The Mail To column specifies who you want to send mail to.  The default is to send message to every class member. Uncheck the name if you don't want to send message to the student. You will receive a copy of the message as well.

Also, whenever you're ready to post your own home page on TeenLit.com, just send the text and/or files to Mrs. K.  Please limit files to ten or less total and 20 kb each and under 50 kb total. 

We look forward to seeing you on eWeb!

--Mrs. K

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