Student- vs. Facilitator- Initiated Events

1 week after the successful "Horrid Writers Block" incident

Sent a group email and set up a forum for the continuation of their discussion of the "Horrid Writers Block" 

Dear TeenLit writers: I'm following up on a very cool topic started a few weeks ago asking for advice on the Horrid Writers Block. There were a number of great responses to this . . . I know others struggle with this same issue and your advice was great. I'd also love to hear from anyone else on the topic of Horrid Writers Block.

No response or posting of any kind to this forum
dormant for three months.

3 months after my request Molly was having a bout of writers block herself, and she reopened the discussion with this plea on the forum: 

2/5/00, eWeb Forum: Horrid Writers Block:  contentment?

Subject:  contentment?

Ok. When i was going through depression a few years ago, I thought that I was inspired by my dark, decrepitness [sic]. I figured i should stay in a funk for poetic inspiration, but dunked that idea when i realized it was STUPID. but now, i need conflict to write. i have no real conflict. i'm not content. i HATE contentedment [sic]. but i'm stuck. it's only been like a week or more since my last decent snip of writing. i hate this. i'm always afraid it won't come back. Molly

Molly's request secured responses from two other active members, and because Molly continued to check back, these three had what comes closest to a dialog within eWeb.

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