Memoir Rubric

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Rubric also available in Adobe .pdf format

Memoir Rubric     Name _________________________

Presentation (20)          ____

 Neatness, effort, originality, decor

Mechanics (20)           ____

Spelling (+ homophones) ____errors

Correct sentences (____ fragments, ____ run-ons, ____comma splices)

Variety of sentences (give an example sentence from your project & include the year)

Simple -

Compound -

Complex -

Content (Artifacts & Writing) (10)       ____

___ years of artifacts & paragraphs

Content Revision (50) (for each of the revisions below, tell which year is your best example)           ____

____ Lead (opening sentence(s))

____ Binoculars (focus on concrete details)

____ Snapshot (picture with words)

____ Thoughshot (inside character's head)

____ Explode a moment (slow motion)

____ Shrink time (collapse a year)

____ Scene (dialog + snapshot + thoughtshot)

[____ Poem (optional)]

Final Memoir Project Grade (100) _____


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