1st Hour

Start w/ question
use follow up questions
talk in complete sentences
stand by your opinion
use body language
open-ended questions
stay on one topic for a while
use eye contact
make questions before going into BC
Open group to people not talking
Be personal
Include everyone
Use 1 word answers
Shuffle journal
Fight over visitor chair
Read only from journal
Jump from topic to topic w/o finishing
Use yes/no questions
Fade away when talking
Talk turning
Talk in fragglements
Rely on visitor chair
Start off w/ bad topic/question
Talk when others are talking
Have just 2 or 3 people talking
Silence - say something
Stay on one topic too long

2nd Hour

Good conversation
Make complete sentence (not fragments)
Open discussion for other members
Loud voices
One person talks at a time
Ask follow-up questions (why?)
Open-ended questions
Eye contact
Everybody sharing
Accept other people's comments
Stay on one main topic (then branch off)
Explain.  Elaborate.
Flip through log
Round-robin discussion
Let anyone dominate
Talk all at once
Interrupt (visitor chair)
Not talk or remain silent
Use fragments
Switch subjects back and forth
Chew gum
Non-book related talk
Hog visitor chair
Get off track
Start new topic w/o finishing others
Allow too much silence

A Good Book Club Discussion:  (9/21/99)

1st  hour

Asking questions
Voice own opinion
Back up opinion w/ facts
Good questions & responses
Open - everyone talking
Good book
Speaking clearly
Some disagreement
Not jumping around topics
Making connections
Good eye contact
Good vocabulary
4+ people
not overusing "like"
sit still
"Visitor" chair


Use "Visitor" chair
Everyone welcome
Express feelings
Take turns - one speaker at a time
Ask questions
Make predictions
Speak loudly/clearly
Feel comfortable
More discussion
Talking - not just sitting there
Include people
Felt about author's writing
Relate to one main topic
Ask questions:  unsure of, opinion