Book Club for Middle School
by Taffy Raphael, Marcella Kehus, Karen Damphousse, Natalie MacKnight (Illustrator), Liz Grube (Editor)

Book Club for Middle School contains everything you need to adapt Book Club to your middle school classroom (grades 6 through 8). The handbook outlines the program components, discusses the specific needs of adolescent learners, and offers several fully developed teaching units.

Small Planet Communications
Visit this site that supports upper elementary and middle school teachers who wish to set up Book Club in their classrooms, reading literature that is also being read by other students in classrooms around the country. There is a teacher and a student bulletin board for each unit. Teachers and students can read exchanges from previous units as well as participate in ongoing discussion of current titles.

The Book Club Connection: Literacy Learning and Classroom Talk
by Susan I. McMahon (Editor), Taffy E. Raphael (Editor), Virginia J. Goatley
ISBN: 0807736155

The Book Club teacher's handbook provides you with comprehensive background information, clear guidelines, model lesson plans, teaching tips, assessment rubrics, reproducible blackline masters, and more.
Through actual classroom footage and interviews with students, teachers, and researchers, the award-winning Book Club video models strategies that help you implement, facilitate, and assess the program.

Literature Based Instruction : Reshaping the Curriculum
by Taffy Raphael (Editor), Kathryn Hu-Pei Au (Editor)
ISBN: 0926842706

Taffy E. Raphael, Ph.D., Department of Reading and Language Arts, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309-4494, 248 370 3020,