1999 TeenLit Writing Awards
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1999 TeenLit Writing Awards 

Well, the votes are in & the 1999 TeenLit Writing Awards go to . . .

Best Poem, 1999 (a 3-way tie) . . ."Getaway Room" by Shinka, 11th Grader, Springfield, MA and
"Undecided" by Jamie, 12th Grader, Dearborn, Michigan

"Broken Mirror" by Jamie, 7th Grader, Crivitz, Wisconsin

Best Short Story, 1999 . . . "The Survivor" by Carmen, 10th Grader, Bowling Green, Ohio

Honorable mentions to "Letting Go" by Vera, 10th grader, Cleveland, Ohio and "The Obituary" by Carmen

Best Essay, 1999 . . . "The Third Eye" by Michael, 11th Grader, Australia

Best Writer, 1999 . . . Vada, 11th grader, Harrison, Arkansas

Honorable Mentions to Stephanie, 8th grader, Topeka, Kansas & Carmen, 10th Grader, Bowling Green, Ohio

Congratulations to all of 1999's writers and may we continue to publish excellent work throughout 2000 and beyond!

Each of the above writers need to contact Mrs. K (webmaster@teenlit.com) with their latest email address to arrange for their $25 Amazon.com gift certificate.

Thank you for your continuing participation,

The Staff & Teen Editorial Board of TeenLit.com


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