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Please fill out the following application, our book review editor will email you within a few days.

Before submitting any work to TeenLit.com, please carefully review our Privacy Policy.

I certify that I at least 13 years old to participate and publish on TeenLit.com and eWeb.

I certify that I a member of the TeenLit community forums and have at least 25 posts.

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*  Our books for review are currently only sent to US mailing addresses due to prohibitive costs.  Stay tuned as we seek monies to support international reviews.

 I read and write up a book review within one month of receiving a new book.

 I would prefer to read the following  books (list 3 in order of preference from the current list of available books:

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I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy.

Keep in mind, we are looking for a diverse group to cover a wide range of book genres and topics. The more we know about you, the more we can accurately send books you're likely to enjoy. We don't anticipate sending anyone more than one book per month, and it's quite likely there will be months when you don't have a book to review. Failure to get your review in on time will result in being taken off the "Book Reviewer" list and a request to return the book. We look forward to starting this exciting new branch of TeenLit.com!

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We also have a Book Reviewer area in our EZboard.

Books are currently being provided by Random House, J.N. Townsend Publishing and Electric Artists free of charge in exchange for reviews.