The Lucky Kind by Alyssa B. Sheinmel

Review by Nicole, 16 years old, from Rapid City, SD

The Lucky Kind, by Alyssa B. Sheinmel, is a fiction story. Nick Brandt, a highschool junior, has always been pretty lucky. He has great parents, does well in school, and has Stevie, his best friend. He knows junior year will finally be the year he talks to Eden Reiss, the girl of his dreams. After a strange phone call, Nick finds out his parents have been keeping a secret from him, a pretty big one, and Nick doesn't know if he will be able to trust them again. The more distant he feels from his parents the closer he gets to Eden. This was a really short and good read. It dealt with conclicts with friends, family, and relationships. It had a nice ending and everything worked out and Nick realized that he was pretty lucky. It was also nice to see a love story written in a boys perspective. Overall, I enjoyed this book and rate it a 3 (out of 4) and recommend it for ages 14 and up.

Posted on 2011-05-13