Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Review by Nicole, 16 years old, from South Dakota, USA

I would recommend this book for ages 14 and up. If you like an adventure, one so amazing you get to go into space, this book is for you. When Amy is frozen she expects to wake up on her new planet 300 years in the future. When someone unfreezes her, she soon realizes that they were trying to kill her and it won’t be the first time people are being unfrozen. She is stuck on Godspeed, and it is very different than what she is used to. The people on Godspeed have handed all power to Eldest, he controls them. People don’t have personality, everybody is of the same race... that is, everybody but Amy. Elder is the future leader of Godspeed, but he is also being lied to, will he side with Amy or go with what he has always known. Elder is drawn to Amy right away, he falls in love with her almost instantly. But can Amy really trust a boy who has never seen what she has? Can Amy stop the killer before he kills again. This book was incredible. I loved the setting, it was a completely different world that ours. It was also hard to see how much these people were controlled, they had all these ways of doing things and did not change them. I can’t imagine living in a world like this. They do not like differences between people, and people do what exactly what they are told. It was something completely different than what I’m used to. It is an adventure I would go on again and again, and I definitely recommend this book.

Posted on 2011-04-14