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help with a graduate school research project

Must_be_at_least_13_years_old: am
From: Jennie R.
Category: Ideas
Date: 05 Jul 2000


I am doing my graduate thesis on the power of writing in older children and teens. I am concentrating on this age range because that is when writing started to really impact my life. I would love to email with anyone who is willing to answer some questions about writing, how writing makes you feel and the impact you feel that writing has had on your life and will have for your future. If you are interested please contact me at Jenniegirl105@aol.com with subject LOVE 2 WRITE, and I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. Thank you in advance. Jennie

Must_be_at_least_13_years_old: am
From: kims
Category: TeenLit.com web site
Date: 24 Jun 2000


I am in school right now needing some help from teachers teaching young children.


What kinds of planning do you do regularly?

How much time it takes?

How important it is in program success?

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