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A Random Thought From a Random Member

Does anyone want to chat with me about writing?

Must_be_at_least_13_years_old: am
From: Laur.
Category: Random Thoughts
Date: 26 Jun 2000


hi there! i think everyone here is very talented, and i want to know if anyone wants to have a little group discussion about writing. Currently, i am writing a (soon to be) novel. i also write short stories and poetry. My favourite topics for stories and such are fantasy...i just love coming up with whole new worlds! well, if anyone is interested, could you please post soon? if not...well, i'm sure SOMEONE will wanna discuss writing with me! thanks for taking the time to read this! luv ya!

Must_be_at_least_13_years_old: am
From: Neveen H.
Category: Random Thoughts
Date: 18 Jun 2000


Hello, i just wanted to say hello to everyone here =) i just found this webpage a few days ago and i guess i wanted to post something but i don't know what else to say? anyways....how is everyone?

Sincerely, Neveen (age:17, Studying abroad in Egypt) >=)

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