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An Uneccessary War

Must_be_at_least_13_years_old: am
From: April A.
Category: Draft - want feedback
Date: 09 Jun 2000


Please Read this and tell me what you think! It is inspired by all the wars the US seems to get involved in.

I do not understand this life, I think I never will, The wars the endless strife, That gives those hearts a thrill. Why do people get involved, Why don't people understand, Aren't there other ways to solve, And lend a helping hand. My heart trembles with sorrow, A friend goes off to fight, Will they see tommorrow, Another dreary night. We will send a friend, To lend a helping hand, Another country we defend, I do not understand. We let are people die, There lives they'll never live, All I ask is why, There lives they had to give. I guess it is are duty, We must be dignified, And come into a unity, To put to rest all who died. Is there a possibility to have total peace, To it is there any truth, Will this endless war ever cease, Is this what we want for our youth. I hope we teach others, What we fail to see, I hope are sisters and brothers, Can live together free!

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