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can anyone help edit this?

Must_be_at_least_13_years_old: am
From: Kim C.
Category: Draft - want feedback
Date: 03 Jun 2000


Head Turned Backwards

You know that place where we are young? That vernal place where songs are sung?

One day when I was smiling there, NaÔve with bright and simple cares,

Another storm cloud blocked the sky The first that made me wonder- why?

I might have cherished every breath And faced the dreadful demon Death

Iíd love much more and feel the sun And hoard good thoughts of everyone

If I had known that my own friend Would lose to darkness in the end.

It swept us in a hurricane That pummeled us with chilling rain.

Through all the storm, uprooted trees Came inches short of missing me.

And when the cries and chaos cleared I stood and faced my deepest fears:

They said that my friend Art was dead He took a bullet in the head.

When asked what hand had hurled this stone They said to me- it was his own

I was in shock- for no one knew, the pain that you were going through

They say that all you did was stare You gave your sister quite a scare

The first to view the bloody scene That comes to haunt her in her dreams

You left us cold. Stomped out the light. You seemed so joyful your last night.

In fact you said ďIíll see ya soonĒ You mean inside that dark cocoon?

You left behind a bloody trail Cold, empty seas for us to sail

And weak goodbyes, psalm eighty-eight. We loved you so, now itís too late.

Did you think words, a bible verse Could sooth our souls, paint white the hearse?

Ďcuz now the springís turned icy cold. Thereís no more sunshine left to hold.

Though Eden swore eternity, I feel it fade inside of me.

Now Never Never Landís a dream And things arenít always what they seem

The stardust only lasts so long When Iím confused and you are gone

The more I think, the less I feel, Ďtil even you do not seem real.

I think, perhaps, maybe youíre not Since concrete things can be forgot

Yet I canít feel you, even cry- My only wish; to say goodbye.

I only want to say goodbye.

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